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Dr. Jackie Martin

Veterinarian and Practice Co-Founder

B.S .Biology, 1979 

University Of Georgia DVM, 1984


Dr. Martin is a talented surgeon specializing in orthopedic repairs.  She has three adult sons, Alex, Winston and Mason.  Dr. Martin has two dogs and 1 cat.  She is very involved in her children's activities.  Between being a mother and a veterinarian Dr. Martin stays very busy.

Fun Facts

  • Enjoys the outdoors, particularly biking 
  • Is very musical and plays the cello, violin, guitar, and piano

Dr. Molly Douglass

Veterinarian and Practice Co-Founder

University of Virginia B.S. Biology, 1976 

University of Georgia DVM, 1981 


Dr. Douglass has a French Bulldog and three cats. Her husband is a brilliant man named Michael.  She has raised two adult children, John and Maggie and now has a new grandson, Teddy.  John graduated from UNC Chapel Hill and is working in Washington, DC.  Maggie is a graduate of Appalachian State University and is now living in Texas.  Dr. Douglass says that her favorite part of her job is logistics and managing cases. 


Fun Facts

  • Very involved in her church
  • Volunteers at the local food bank
  • Loves to travel
  • Favorite food is Seafood
  • Is an Outlander fanactic

Dr. Amy Pugh


Bowling Green State University B.S. Biology, 2000

Bowling Green State University M.S. Biology, 2004

Ohio State University DVM, 2008


Dr. Pugh has worked at Animal Hospital of Clemmons since the summer of 2008. She shares her home with 3 dogs and 2 cats.  She is well traveled and likes visiting impoverished nations.  She hopes to provide medical care to less fortunate animals in other countries and educate the individuals there on the prevention of zoonotic disease. She has also recently started volunteering with a wildlife rehab and enjoys taking care of the baby wildlife. Her favorite part of veterinary medicine is internal medicine. 

Fun Facts

  • Enjoys white water rafting 
  • Loves to hike
  • Loves to paint
  • Favorite movie is The Goonies
  • Favorite food is Japanese food

Dr. Kay Long


UNC Greensboro B.S. Exercise Science 1990 

N.C. State College of Veterinary Medicine DVM 2002 


Dr. Long is a Connecticut native but has lived in North Carolina for many years.  Dr. Long has worked ar AHC for 16 years and has brought so much to our practice including acupuncture.  She and her husband, Charles, share their home with many "Longdogs" - 4 dachshunds and 1 terrier mix, as well as a cat. 

Fun Facts

  • Enjoys gardening
  • Enjoys hiking and cross country running
  • Mystery/suspense novels are her favorite
  • She and her husband are working on visiting all of the National Seashores and National Parks


Hospital Manager


Maggie has worked at Animal Hospital of Clemmons since March of 2008 as a veterinary assistant and receptionist. She became our hospital manager in September 2017. She and her husband, Josh, welcomed their son, Spencer, in January 2018. Maggie has a true passion for all animals and shares her home with 3 dogs, 6 cats, and 2 birds! When she is not at AHC, Maggie loves spending time with her family and her pets. Maggie's favorite part of working at AHC is being involved in the rescue/adoption program.

Fun Facts

  • Favorite movie is 101 Dalmatians
  • Favorite tv shows are Grey's Anatomy, The Walking Dead, Outlander
  • Favorite foods are ice cream and cheese 


Registered Veterinary Technician


Jamie has been with us since June of 2015 but she has been a registered technician for almost 20 years! Jamie is our main surgical technician here and does an excellent job assisting our doctors in surgery. Jamie and her husband have 2 beautiful children and also have an Australian shepherd named Willa. 

Fun Facts

  • Loves country music
  • Enjoys going to the river with family
  • Enjoys reading romance novels


Veterinary Assistant and Receptionist


Cheyenne has been working at Animal Hospital of Clemmons since August of 2012. She and her husband, Zack, welcomed their daughter, Evelynn, in June 2018. They also have 2 kitties, Spartapuss and Catapatra (Fatty). Cheyenne is definitely the comic relief in the hospital! She never meets a stranger and is great with all of our clients. Her favorite part of working at AHC is dealing with the "gross, oozy stuff."

Fun Facts

  • Is an avid reader
  • Enjoys making beef jerky
  • Favorite TV show is Turn
  • Favorite foods are Cheesy Chicken McBake and sour candy


Veterinary Assistant


Katie has been working at Animal Hospital of Clemmons since November of 2013. She started out working in the kennel and then began cross training as a veterinary assistant. Katie shares her home with 3 dogs and 3 cats. Katie says that her favorite thing about working at AHC is being with the animals. 

Fun Facts

  • Enjoys driving and going to the mountains
  • Favorite movie series is Harry Potter
  • Favorite TV shows are Supernatural and Game of Thrones
  • Favorite food is macaroni and cheese


Veterinary Assistant


Carla joined our team in August of 2017 as a veterinary assistant. Even though she has only been with us a short time, Carla comes with a lot of valuable experience from a 30 year career as a technician! Her love for animals shows in the care she gives the animals she sees here at the clinic as well as the many she shares her home with! Carla has 5 Blue Heelers, 2 boxer mixes, 2 Chihuahuas, a Beagle, 3 cats that she bottle fed as babies, and 8 bunnies! She loves her family and enjoys spending time with her 7 grandchildren!

Fun Facts

  •  Enjoys boating
  • Enjoys horseback riding
  • Shows her bunnies


Veterinary Assistant


Holley was actually the first veterinary assistant at AHC when it opened almost 30 years ago. After having her 3 girls, she took time off from work to stay home with them. However, she has continued to work at AHC on and off over the years until recently joining our team full time again. We are so happy that she is back! Holley graduated with an Associates Degree in Applied Sciences and is now in school to become a Registered Veterinary Technician. She shares her homes with her 2 dogs, Carl and Roy, and cat, Lola. When Holley is not at AHC, she enjoys visiting Boone, NC and spending time with her daughters and her dogs. Holley's favorite thing about working at AHC is the family feeling between all of the staff.

Fun Facts

  • Loves tubing and hiking




Linda has worked as a receptionist at Animal Hospital of Clemmons for the past 9 years. She has been married to her husband Donald for 25 years and they have two daughters together. She also has two dogs.  Linda is a perfectionist and says her favorite part of her job is helping to make sure the hospital runs smoothly.  

Fun Facts

  • Enjoys exercising and dance
  • Loves watching The Food Network
  • Favorite movies are Glory and A League of Their Own




MJ has worked at Animal Hospital of Clemmons March of 2013 as a receptionist. However, MJ has been a client with us since 2002. She shares her home with her dog, Daisy. Her favorite part of working at AHC is being able to interact with all of the animals.

Fun Facts

  • Enjoys bike riding
  • Likes to paint and restore old furniture




Debbie has worked at AHC as a receptionist since February of 2016. We have been so happy to have her smiling face greeting clients in her time here. Debbie has 1 daughter and 4 grandsons. She and her husband Jackie share their home with their 2 dogs, Riga and Eli. Debbie's favorite thing about working at AHC is interacting with the animals and constantly having the joy of new puppies and kittens without having to take them all home!

Fun Facts

  • Enjoys exercising, baking, and yardwork

  • Favorite show: NCIS

  • Favorite food: Cheesecake




Shirley has worked at Animal Hospital of Clemmons since 2006. However, Shirley has been an AHC client since 1997! She and her husband Eddie have two daughters and six grandchildren. They also have two dogs and a cat. Shirley has a special place in her heart for birds having had many different types of exotic birds in the past. All of these now reside at Parrot Mountain Bird Sanctuary in Tennessee, which she and Eddie visit often.  Shirley's favorite part of working at AHC is being able to play with all the animals that come in.

Fun Facts

  • Favorite book series is Harry Potter
  • Favorite food is blackberry cobbler


Kennel Assistant


Jaz has worked at Animal Hospital of Clemmons since July of 2018. Before working at AHC, Jaz went to school to be a Registered Medical Assistant. She and her boyfriend, Avery, share their home with their two dogs, Diesel and Tiger. Her favorite things about working at AHC are being around dogs all day and all of her coworkers.

Fun Facts

  • Enjoys making homemade dog treats


Groomer and Dog Trainer


Kristie has worked at Animal Hospital of Clemmons for many years. Over the years she has been a receptionist, veterinary assistant, and is currently our groomer and dog trainer. She has 2 daughters, 1 son, and 1 granddaughter. Kristie also has her own boarding/grooming/training business at her home that she shares with a multitude of animals. She has many dogs that are all involved in various activities including agility, fly ball, lure coursing, herding, terrier races, and showing. She has also been involved in animal rescue and foster and as of late she has become very involved in introducing unusual breeds to the canine sporting world. In particular, the Portuguese Podengo is a breed she saved in the U.S.. Kristie's favorite thing about working at AHC is interacting with the fun staff and great clients. 

Fun Facts

  • Loves music
  • Favorite TV show is House M.D.
  • Favorite movie is American Beauty
  • Favorite food is Mexican




Kat has worked here for about a year and a half and says that she loves her job working with animals! She is a senior at RJ Reynolds High School. Kat's favorite part of working at AHC is being able to meet and take care of all the different types of dogs and cats. 

Fun Facts

  • Hobbies include reading, playing the violin, and playing lacrosse
  • Favorite book series is Harry Potter
  • Favorite book is The Handmaid's Tale
  • Favorite food is macaroni and cheese