Quality Care for Your Companions

Animal Hospital of Clemmons offers convenient solutions by providing safe, clean, and attentive services. Our professional and friendly staff provide industry leading care by learning each pets individual needs.

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  • Boarding and Daycare
    With at least two veterinarians on at all times, we can assure that your animal will be cared for, played with and kept happy for its entire stay PLUS, we offer the best prices and the best service!
  • Grooming
    At Animal Hospital of Clemmons, we specialize in techniques made to relax your furry friend while taking care of baths, nail trims and hair cuts.
  • Canine Training
    Animal Hospital of Clemmons offers puppy and dog training classes to help owners in training their new pet or to help with issues pets develop.
  • Pet Adoption
    Countless clients have adopted their pets through our Adoption Program. We have an industry leading success rate in finding homes for homeless animals in a timely fashion.