Small Dog Wellness Plans in Clemmons, NC

Get your small dog off to a healthy head start with a Pet Wellness Plan from Animal Hospital of Clemmons.

Pet Wellness Plans include all of the preventive care services small but mighty dogs need to stay healthy long term. From routine wellness checkup exams and vaccinations to fleas and tick prevention and more, we've got your small dog covered.

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Cost Comparison: Small Dog Wellness Plan

Services No Plan With Plan
Annual Core Vaccinations $54.08  
Annual Health Check $73.50  
Fecal Exam $28.75
Maintenance Profile & Heartworm Test $73.23
6 Month Health Check $99.00
12 Month Supply of Flea & Tick Prevention $236.00
12 Month Supply of Heartworm Prevention $110.40
Total $674.96 $576.00
SAVE $98.96

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