Meet the Animal Hospital of Clemmons Veterinarians

Dr. Jackie Martin, Veterinarian and Practice Co-Founder

B.S .Biology, 1979  |  University Of Georgia DVM, 1984

Dr. Martin is a talented surgeon specializing in orthopedic repairs.  She has three adult sons, Alex, Winston and Mason.  Dr. Martin has two dogs and 1 cat.  She is very involved in her children’s activities.  Between being a mother and a veterinarian Dr. Martin stays very busy.

Fun Facts: Enjoys the outdoors, particularly biking. Is very musical and plays the cello, violin, guitar, and piano.


Dr. Molly Douglass, Veterinarian and Practice Co-Founder

University of Virginia B.S. Biology, 1976  |  University of Georgia DVM, 1981

Dr. Douglass has a French Bulldog and three cats. Her husband is a brilliant man named Michael.  She has raised two adult children, John and Maggie and now has a new grandson, Teddy.  John graduated from UNC Chapel Hill and is working in Washington, DC.  Maggie is a graduate of Appalachian State University and is now living in Texas.  Dr. Douglass says that her favorite part of her job is logistics and managing cases.

Fun Facts: Very involved in her church. Volunteers at the local food bank. Loves to travel. Favorite food is seafood. Is an Outlander fanactic.

Dr. Amy Pugh, Veterinarian

Bowling Green State University B.S. Biology, 2000  |  Bowling Green State University M.S. Biology, 2004  |  Ohio State University DVM, 2008

Dr. Pugh has worked at Animal Hospital of Clemmons since the summer of 2008. She shares her home with 3 dogs and 2 cats.  She is well traveled and likes visiting impoverished nations.  She hopes to provide medical care to less fortunate animals in other countries and educate the individuals there on the prevention of zoonotic disease. She has also recently started volunteering with a wildlife rehab and enjoys taking care of the baby wildlife. Her favorite part of veterinary medicine is internal medicine.

Fun Facts: Enjoys white water rafting. Loves to hike. Loves to paint. Favorite movie is The Goonies. Favorite food is Japanese food.

Dr. Kay Long, Veterinarian

UNC Greensboro B.S. Exercise Science 1990  |  N.C. State College of Veterinary Medicine DVM 2002

Dr. Long is a Connecticut native but has lived in North Carolina for many years.  Dr. Long has worked ar AHC for 16 years and has brought so much to our practice including acupuncture.  She and her husband, Charles, share their home with many “Longdogs” – 4 dachshunds and 1 terrier mix, as well as a cat.

Fun Facts: Enjoys gardening. Enjoys hiking and cross country running. Mystery/suspense novels are her favorite. She and her husband are working on visiting all of the National Seashores and National Parks.